Cappuccino Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

A coffee eLiquid flavor that combines warm Italian espresso and creamy milk with a satisfying throat hit to form a perfect vape.
Order up a decadent Italian delight at Vapor4Life Café! V4L Cappuccino Nobacco Juice greets your taste buds with the wonderful flavors of warm, rich espresso bean tempered with the frothy, creaminess of perfectly steamed milk. This electronic cigarette juice is formulated with such gourmet finesse you’ll swear you're sipping straight from the cup. It's an ecig nobacco juice that satisfies your craving for gourmet coffee while delivering the superior vaporizer cigarette experience you’ve come to expect from Vapor4Life. View more decadent vapor juice flavors for your electronic cigarette...

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    Review by LOVE this flavor! on 7/7/2013
    I think I like this flavor best of all I've tried...if you like coffee flavored e-juices, this one is fantastic!
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    Not bad but could use more flavoring
    Review by pedro salva on 6/23/2011
    I just decided to try this flavor out. Tried the cartos and wow awesome flavor and hit, so decided to try the liquid and yes its very good but can use 10% more flavor, maybe more pg. Over all not a bad taste and 24mg has hard hit.
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    Review by Ecig 365 on 2/2/2011
    Got this as a freebie with an order (18mg). Delicious, smooth and sweet, without being too sweet. Throat hit isnt very strong, but nothing 24mg wont fix lol. Very nice, once I tried the sample, I ordered some juice. One of my favorites.
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    Great Flavor
    Review by E-cig devotee on 1/20/2011
    This is a great flavor and it vapes well. I have recommended it to many people and all have enjoyed it. However, do not substitute the WOW one for this because it is not the same at all.
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    Review by Wanda Lambert on 3/9/2010
  • Rating
    Review by Elaina on 3/7/2010
    This is one of my favorite flavors. The flavor is full, creamy and very smooth. Low produces the perfect throat hit for me and has loads and load of vapor. It's definitely an all day vape for me.
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    Review by Connor Pruitt on 11/27/2009
    Being from the Pacific Northwest Cappuccinos are part of my everyday life and enjoy relaxing with a hot cup of Cappuccino. I was blown away by the accuracy in flavor from Flavor4life. I was sent this as a free sample and plan to buy it in my next order as I'm sure I will deplete my supply very soon.

    Thanks a lot
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    Best flavor/vapor production ive found yet
    Review by cr12 on 11/10/2009
    this is my favorite that said people have different tastes. i absolutely love this flavor its rich the vapor is thick, and seems to blow out tons of vapor.
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