Chocolate Bold e Liquid (Premium) (30 mL)

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Gourmet melt-in-your-mouth chocolate vaping e Liquid rich enough to satisfy the most inspired chocolate lover.
V4L Chocolate Nobacco Juice seduces your taste buds with the authentic creaminess of fine milk chocolate. This premium e-juice brings the unmistakable luxury of gourmet melt-in-your-mouth chocolate to e Cigarette vapor. You deserve a moment of sweetness in your day. Vapor4Life Chocolate Nobacco e-Juice is your chance to indulge yourself in the fine flavors of life in a delicious new way! View more indulging electronic cigarette nobacco flavors...

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    Good stuff
    Review by L. Henderson on 4/19/2011
    This is a true chocolate tasting juice at 18mg. I tire of plain chocolate after a while so I then add it to various flavors like banana, strawberry, mocha and peppermint. Great throat hit and vapor production.
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    BEsT chocolate flavor I have found!!
    Review by Deb on 4/17/2010
    BEsT chocolate flavor I have found...and I've tried MANY...since I'm a chocolate lover and craver!!

    Still isn't as good as chocolate but the BEST part about this flavor is it TASTES LIKE CHOCOLATE AND DOES NOT STINK WHEN YOU EXHALE. All chocolates I've tried before this that really tastes like chocolate has a TERRIBLE exhale smell so I refuse to use them since no smell is much of my love of vaping.

    Good throat hit!!!
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    Its... Chocolate!
    Review by Arthur Fudge on 4/17/2010
    This is a great flavor and I feel the creators of this formula worked really hard on it. The texture is nice and I can really taste the sweetness, but alas the flavor seems to subtle to me. Compared to other types of nobacco juice this site has to offer, this one seems to fall a little short. Its still a wonderful flavor and makes for a great vaping experence.
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    Chocolate Cartomizers
    Review by Angela Beller on 1/18/2010
    By far my favorite flavor! It's an amazing taste thats sweet but not too much where i get sick of it!
  • Rating
    so good!
    Review by rocks82 on 11/11/2009
    very yummy chocolate flavoring. Perfect refill or to top off. Like hot cocoa!
  • Rating
    Chocolate Heaven
    Review by Taryn on 11/10/2009
    An extreme wonderful vape!