Oasis e Liquid Smooth (WOW) (30 mL)

A smooth and slightly sweet blend of Turkish and Virginia tobaccos give this vaping flavor a luxurious taste.
Oasis e Juice has all the taste of fine, Turkish tobacco in a rich, complex vapor juice blend. Refill your Vapor King electronic cigarette tank with this exclusive V4L vapor juice, and find out why it's such a favorite among our customers!

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    My one and only.
    Review by Blacklobster on 7/25/2015
    This is my favorite, heck this is my only. I liked the taste of the tobacco when I smoked but knew I really needed to quit smoking, so oasis done it for me. Haven't smoked a cigarette since 2010.
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    Like a Turkish Royal, but better.
    Review by Steven M. on 1/31/2015
    This is my favorite flavor, by far. If you're an analog cigarette / tobacco smoker, give this a try. Taste is reminiscent of a Camel Turkish Royal, but cleaner and better in every way imaginable. I can't recommend this one highly enough.
  • Rating
    Better than smoking
    Review by Jeffrey on 5/2/2014
    I've been vaping for about 2 years now and probably been a V4L customer for about a year and a half and I have to say this company rocks. Best product I've tried to date, always ships quick, they stand behind their products and this flavor makes not a day go by that I miss smoking, well you know what brand. Keep it up V4L!
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    This..is what its all about!
    Review by Mark on 11/7/2013
    When I started vaping to rid myself of the dipping habit I've kept these past 45 years. All the while I was dipping I was also using analogs, be they cigs, cigars, a pipe, yea man, if it was tobacco, and I could smoke, dip, chaw, I was on it.
    Well, I've given up all analogs, but still I keep a can of Long Cut with me at all times. Not so much now, I have in the past couple of months gone from a can a day to a can a week. Thanks in large part to this wonderful bottle of juice called Oasis WOW. This bottle of juice I picked with my initial order some 6-8 weeks ago, I have tried a couple other juices from V4L and a local vaping outlet. I have found my favorite, the Oasis does remind me a lot of the Kamel analogs I used to smoke. Now, after trying some others, it is time to come back to basics. Thank you Vapor 4 Life, I am moving ever forward to that day when I have had my last can of Long Cut..hopefully by the end of the year, which is my goal.
  • Rating
    All Day Vape!
    Review by Cait S on 9/1/2013
    This is by far my favorite flavor! I can't even describe how much I love this flavor! Don't ever discontinue!! :)
  • Rating
    Review by My favorite by far on 6/25/2013
    This was the first e-cig flavor I tried 4 yrs ago. It is still my first choice @ 24mg.
    The exhale tastes exactly like a Kamel Wide Blue, which was what I smoked.
  • Rating
    Review by Mike on 2/27/2013
    For those of you who smoked the analog equivalent a few years ago, before FSC became a mandate... do you remember the taste of that first drag from a "light" lit with a match? Sweet-yet-robust, honey-graham-cracker burst of flavor, right? Paired with a WOW blank, this juice provides just that, only it's not just the first drag that tastes like that, its every drag!

    Very full vapor and balanced flavor. It's similar to other tobacco flavorings, but more sweet than bitter. At 24mg/ml, the throat hit is very much there but still quite smooth. It's a good daily that you won't quickly tire of. The opposite is true for me. I'm loving it more and more with each drag!
  • Rating
    Damn it's good
    Review by Teggy on 2/24/2013
    They hit the nail on the head with this one! To me it tastes just like a kamel turkish blend cigarette. But taste is subjective, all I can say is try it for yourself. This would be perfect for someone just quitting regular cigarettes.
  • Rating
    Great flavor
    Review by Jeff on 2/12/2013
    Smoke analogs for years and this is by far the closest I've found in a vape. Great flavor, slightly sweet as others have said and quickly becoming my daily. My favorite so far. Well worth checking out.
  • Rating
    Has camel flavor except the sweetness
    Review by Joshua on 12/9/2012
    It's just a tad too sweet for me, other than that I am reminded of a camel analog when I vape this.
  • Rating
    Pretty good
    Review by Turns on 9/25/2012
    This is a good tasting liquid. This is the first flavor I have tested with it and it is my daily flavor. It has a light sweet aftertaste, and sometimes reminds me of smoking a swisher cigar.
  • Rating
    Great tasting liquid!
    Review by Ray on 9/13/2012
    This is by far my favorite flavor. Smooth and full of vapor. I've pretty much sold people on V4L just of the WOW Camel.
  • Rating
    Best Smoking sensation without the tar!
    Review by PJF on 9/2/2011
    Although this doesn't taste like an analog cig, it's an alternative that works. Tastes MUCH cleaner than a real tobacco cig. Has similar smoke and throat hit. I'm using the 36mg, which has given me the ability to switch from tobacco cigarettes after 35 years. Previous to these e-cigs, I have not been able to go more than a day without analogs without overwhelming withdrawl. This has made it a very comfortable transition! Going on a month now...am able to inhale much deeper, and can actually do stairs without gasping!!!!!
  • Rating
    Review by herschel mortimer on 5/12/2011
    This is my first choice to me the high medium mg is great.Has a hint of tobacco and a slight nutty taste.Wish they would
    keep stocked up medium and high mg..
  • Rating
    Review by BuckoBill on 2/16/2011
    All I can say is wow. This juice is absolutely great. Good throat hit and lots of vape. If you want a good juice try this you wont be disappointed. Please keep this in stock V4L :)
  • Rating
    WOW! Don't change a thing, please!
    Review by Dennis Jorgenson on 12/10/2010
    Smoked analogs for 30 years - I'm a new vaper trying to find the closest 'taste' and 'hit' to the analog experience. As an analog smoker, I always smoked lights and ultralights for fear that full-flavored was more addictive and hazardous (hah!). I found that it took about a half cart before I was able to acquire the taste. By the end of the first pre-fill, I was sold. I absolutely love the hint of spice in this juice - and all that vapor! Please keep this flavor and don't change a thing and I'll be a customer for life!
  • Rating
    LOVE IT !!!
    Review by Banjoman on 9/21/2010
    If you like Kamel you'll love this ! GREAT flavor, throat hit and THE VAPOR!! Add a touch of class and put it in a gold coolcart and screw it on a chrome Xlong manuel battery.( single logo ) THERE IT IS !!! I have now vaped 3 or 4 bottles of this juice and have decided that this is the BEST!!! This is my #1. It's always the same, AWESOME!! V4L , PLEASE do not change a thing. If all I could have is one flavor this would be it! VAPE ON!!
  • Rating
    Using the liquid to refill a cartomizer
    Review by Johnny loves E-cig tanks on 9/7/2010
    I tried a little different method than the video.
    Instead of putting on the white rubber cap w/litte hole in it when drying,I left it off so more air could reach down inside the cartomizer.
    Lot better vapor,less oily taste,didn't get hot and lasted much longer.
    Try it once I think you'll be impressed.
  • Rating
    Review by Johnny loves E-cig tanks on 7/26/2010
    Buyin juice from now on. This is way better than the prefills. Switched from smoking analogs for 14 years. I don't think this tastes like an analog at all but some how, Kamel WOW juice is by far my favorite. Crazy how that worked out.
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