Pancake Smooth e Liquid (WOW) (30 mL)

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An authentic tasting warm stack of pancakes topped with maple syrup give your tongue a deliciously sweet tasting e Liquid flavor.
The delicious flavor of a hot stack of griddles topped with a pad of butter and warm maple syrup, but without the calories. V4L Pancake Wow Vapor Juice offers e Cigarette smokers premium vapor and taste. It's a fun e-liquid flavor that makes for a terrific morning vape or an anytime treat. View more delicious electronic cigarette liquids...

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  • Rating
    very subtle flavor
    Review by Tara-louise on 8/15/2014
    This is almost like a subtle version of the waffle flavor, if flavors are getting a bit much this is a great all day vape as it isn't very strong in flavor. Still enjoyed this one though.
  • Rating
    Hate it bad
    Review by frank on 1/8/2014
    The only juices I use are v4l juices. I use all kinds mostly fruit or tobacco but I also have some choc and mac nut, they are all exactly what they should be but I ordered the wow pancake and I must have gotten a bad batch because there is no syrup flavor no butter flavor no pancake flavor it just taste like chemicals NASTY!!!!
  • Rating
    Review by Carol on 9/4/2013
    I Love this eliquid! Mix Pancake 18mg with some caramel 11 mg Taste great for those of us that prefer sweet vapes ~ The vapors great with my DAV
  • Rating
    Really REALLY sweet
    Review by Sid on 9/10/2012
    Not exactly what I was expecting, as it doesn't really taste like pancakes to me. I can sorta taste syrup, but tastes more like brown sugar or treacle or something...maybe it's just me? I do like it however since it's sorta like vaping sugar, but it's actually SO sweet it can be a bit overpowering on its own. It goes great adding to the waffles though, and a few drops can be added to just about any flavour if you wanna make it sweeter. I go through it slowly for this reason, so I agree about 30ml lasting a really long time for this one.
  • Rating
    Review by Tracy on 8/25/2012
    My second favorite flavor! Tastes like real pancakes with maple syrup! Great sweet treat, or to vape all day!
  • Rating
    Very good!
    Review by Stella Blue on 8/24/2012
    I love this flavor! I have been vapping for 2 years and have tried almost all the flavors. I only review the ones I really like. It does take just like pancakes and when I'm puffing on it the people around me are like WF? Why do I smell maple syrup? Its great and produces lots of vape.
  • Rating
    Wow Pancake
    Review by L. Henderson on 8/21/2011
    I love the Wow Waffle so I wanted to try this flavor. At 18mg it has a nice throat hit and lots of vapor production. It tastes very similar to waffle but is slightly sweeter with a hint of butter and syrup. I also mixed the two and it tastes great!
  • Rating
    good vape
    Review by Richard on 4/30/2011
    I got a bottle of 11mg, the flavor is crazy, like butter, syrup, on whole wheat french toast. good vapor production, throat hit isn't that strong, but definately worth trying
  • Rating
    One of the Best!
    Review by Tony on 1/27/2011
    I love this one, can't say it that it tastes like pancakes, but it does have a maple tastes to it. If you like the waffle I think you will like this, I did :D
  • Rating
    Love the new Pancake WOW juice!
    Review by Sherry Binkelman on 12/15/2010
    I LOVE this juice. It is very smooth and tastes like buttery maple syrup. I love pancakes but do not eat them as they are soooo high in carbs...this juice is almost as good as eating them! I'm ordering the new waffle flavor today!
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