Kilt Bold e Cig Cartridges (Premium CoolCart)

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Our popular European tobacco-flavored e-liquid in prefilled Vapor King CoolCart cartomizers. Box of 5.
Our Premium Kilt Vapor King Cartomizers have inspired their own devoted following, and it’s not hard to see why. This exclusive V4L electronic cigarette cartomizer flavor seduces your taste buds with a smooth, classic European tobacco flavor, offset with a hint of honey. An e Cig cartomizer for true tobacco lovers! Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more Vapor King cartomizers...

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  • Rating
    I miss Kilt
    Review by LibraRob1987 on 2/9/2015
    How come you have the Kilt in carts and not in bottles?
    This is my favorite, I hope you guys bring it back.
    I miss it terribly.
    The is the closest to the actual Analog.
    I've been getting this flavor since it was Kent, Kant & now Kilt
  • Rating
    a nice smooth flavor
    Review by noholesinmyclothes on 1/12/2013
    was on a hunt for new or better tobacco flavors, and i stumbled accross this in a sampler pack. great for anyone new to vaping. going to get a bottle as soon as i can.
  • Rating
    Didn't think I would love it but I do
    Review by Jacqueline on 10/6/2012
    I only vape tobacco flavors . I smoked analogs for 45 years and nothing appeals to me but tobacco carts or juice. I got one of the KANTS cartomizers as a "gift" like V4L does sometimes and just now tried it. I have had it for over a month so I really did not expect to like it as I do not like the analog kent cigs. This Kant ended up being one of my favorites now. I love it and plan to order some very soon. It has that strong tobacco flavor and its as close to an analog as I have found yet. Hurrah for Kant.
  • Rating
    Review by zachariah kaer on 4/13/2011
    An excellent flavor. Tastes like some primo tobacco!! They also sent me a couple samples for free with this!! It arrived in three days (I live in Texas) which is very fast in my opinion. It also came with some free juice!! I'm never going thru anyone but these guys from now on!! Thanks again, you guys rock!!
  • Rating
    Tastes like the real thing!
    Review by Beth Clopein on 1/27/2011
    Wow. My mother used to smoke Kent 100's. Kants taste just like them. I am very impressed with the likeness. I bought them because of the sale, and it is well worth the $$!
  • Rating
    Great for Starters
    Review by Sarah on 1/21/2011
    I really liked these when I first started using V4L. I feel that these cartomizers are the ones that most helped me put down the real thing. I craved a smoke flavor and really enjoyed these. The price is a steal!! I ordered 2 more boxes when I placed my my next order.
  • Rating
    Good every day one
    Review by AL on 9/17/2010
    These tasted mild with no offending taste. I like the virginia better, but this would also make a good everyday flavor.
  • Rating
    I like this one
    Review by Jim Casey on 9/12/2010
    I ordered these because they were inexpensive. Gotta admit I like them. decent tobacco flavor, decent throat hit and good vapor. Not sure I would order a bottle of the juice, but I would get the cartos again for sure.
  • Rating
    Review by Banjoman on 9/11/2010
    These are really good. Nice tobacco taste, good vapor and th.This is another case of take what you get.
  • Rating
    Review by ziggy on 8/6/2010
    i love this vape...its flavor its deep and rich very complex....this willl be my no.1 tobbaco flavor vape...EOS
  • Rating
    Review by Vince Mount on 2/4/2010
    I LOVE THESE and will buy MORE!
    i hit my "sweet spot" last night... vaping on a shorty auto batt.... 18mg nic.. Kant... soooo good.
    big vapes and i LOVE the flavor!!! yay!
  • Rating
    Ahh- mah-zing!!!
    Review by JelliBean on 1/20/2010
    This one is my go too when I need that strong, but smooth hit. I didn't think I would like clove, because I don't like the clove cigarettes. Hummm.... Glad my hubby wanted these. His favorite is Cuban cigar and this one is mine thus far. Then my menthol favorites, my fruit favorites, and lastly my dark chocolate dessert!
  • Rating
    My favorite so far
    Review by Hagbard Celine on 11/8/2009
    I've tried a bunch of tobacco-style carts and juices, and this one is my favorite. Mild, just a touch sweet, a hint of vanilla and sort of a bourbon taste. Very nice.
  • Rating
    Like a milder version of Virginia
    Review by Symmetric on 10/9/2009
    Milder tobacco flavor with overtones reminiscent of crushed black pepper. A very good all-day vape. Not as strong as Virginia, but by no means weak!