VG Triple Nickel Smooth e Cig Cartridges (WOW)

European tobacco mixed with freshly harvested hazelnut and cured tobacco flavors form this delicious vaping e Liquid.
This sensory-pleasing e Cig cartomizer includes our distinctive VG Triple Nickel e-liquid flavor blend. While your taste buds savor the complex harmony of sweet, cured tobacco and freshly harvested hazelnut, your worries will drift away with the voluminous clouds of relaxing vapor. Our VG cartomizers are vegetable glycerin based. They do not contain any propylene glycol (PG)—the base used in our standard electronic cigarette liquids. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers.   View more delicious electronic cigarette cartomizers...

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    Review by Gregory on 10/15/2012
    Must've been a bad cart, because a popped a new one on and it's wonderful!
    I take back my 1 star review!
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    Review by Sheri M. on 7/29/2011
    I seriously love the 555's. There's sort of a nutty undertone to the flavor, with the tiniest hint of chocolate. The vapor is great, the throat hit also great. I have loved all the products I've ordered, but these are my new faves!
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    my new favorite
    Review by Shawn S on 3/21/2011
    I've been a light smoker for years and these have been a good replacement for me. The traditional tobacco were a little too harsh for my taste, so I tried these in a 4mg and love them. Lots of vapor!
  • Rating
    Great Vapor and Gooder Flavor
    Review by Kyle B on 1/27/2011
    I thought Wowboy was going to be my go-to favorite flavor but the flavor in this version of 555 is better than either Cool Cart or the WOW versions to me. If only there was a Wowboy version in VG... I am very impressed and very happy with this one.
  • Rating
    So rich and close to analog smoking
    Review by Zak on 1/27/2011
    I loved WOW 555 my tie #1 favorite to WOW Wowboy. I liked premium 555 when WOW version was not available. 555 is the closest experience to analog smoking (35 years) with rich fulfilling aroma. VG version takes it to the next step with much more vapor and deep soft but fulfilling throat hit, and great taste. This will replace my WOW 555 as my regular daily cart along with to WOW Wowboy.